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Zoom group project virtual rooms etiquette guide

Modified on: 2018-11-28 14:55:07 +0200

Zoom live sessions are an excellent way for you to interact with your peers and engage in real-time discussions. Knowing how to use the Zoom platform properly and preparing thoroughly for each session will optimise your experience by allowing more time for meaningful group discussions within the allocated time frame.

Chat engagement
The chat function provides a safe space for you to chat with one another while collaborating on your project. The discussions that take place here operate under the Chatham House Rule, which means you are free to use the information received, but you may not reveal the identity of any participant outside of the programme environment.

Remember to be mindful of your tone, be courteous, don’t disclose any information you don’t feel comfortable sharing in public, and always bear in mind you might be talking to your future business partner!

Begin the discussion
Remember, even though this is a virtual classroom, you are still expected to treat your peers the same as you would in an on-campus environment. Don’t talk over each other, rather listen carefully to whoever is speaking, be polite and respectful when responding to someone’s comments, don’t dominate the discussion, and give everyone a chance to speak.

After the session
Once your session is complete, you can return to the OLC to complete the associated activity or visit the discussion forums to continue discussing the content with your peers. This is a great way to wrap up any outstanding points that you did not find time for during your group meet-up session.

Group project virtual meeting rooms
While the virtual meeting rooms provided for discussing your group projects are not as structured as those scheduled in the programme calendars, you are encouraged to follow the same etiquette in order to get the most out of the time you have. You may also find it useful to determine an agenda for your virtual meeting and post it in your project group’s discussion forum so that you are clear on which points need to be covered, and all group members can come prepared.

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