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Zoom live session etiquette guide

Modified on: 2018-11-28 14:55:17 +0200

Zoom live sessions are an excellent way for you to interact with your peers and engage in real-time discussions. Knowing how to use the Zoom platform properly and preparing thoroughly for each session will optimise your experience by allowing more time for meaningful group discussions within the allocated time frame.

Before your live session
Post any questions you would like answered during the live session in the dedicated live sessions discussion forum.

Arrive early
Whenever possible, try accessing the session 5–10 minutes before the specified start time. Arriving a few minutes early will give you some extra time to set up and test your audio and microphone. Arriving late means that setting up your microphone and audio will cut into the limited time you have available during the session.

During the session
If you still have technical issues after following the setup instructions, allow your facilitator to continue with the session. It is best to submit a query to technical support after the live session, instead of holding up the session in an attempt to resolve your technical problems. The most important thing is that you keep up with the pace of the session so that you can benefit from the content covered.

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