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Appeals Process

Modified on: 2019-10-18 10:31:13 +0200

If you are unhappy with your final results at the end of the course, you may submit an appeal to the University.

Here are some FAQs relating to appeals

  1. When can I submit an appeal?
    The cut-off date for submitting appeals is 7 days after final results release. We cannot accept any appeals after this date. If you submit an appeal after the cut-off date, it will be automatically refused.
  2. How do I submit an appeal?
    You will need to get in touch with your Success Manager and let them know that you want to submit an appeal. They will send you a form and let you know what the cut-off date for submitting the form is.
  3. What information should I include?
    Please be sure to set out your case very clearly. If there are a few events or circumstances that contributed to your final results not being satisfactory, please explain this and provide dates in order for the University to understand the relevant timeline.
    Please note that your appeal is decided on the basis of the information which you submit and the University will not ask for more information when considering the appeal. This makes it very important for you to provide as much detail as possible so that the University has the full picture.
  4. What happens after I submit an appeal?
    After you submit an appeal, your Success Manager and Head Tutor will add their feedback relating to your engagement and academic performance on the course. This feedback is collected and sent with your appeal to the University. The University will then make a decision to uphold or refuse your appeal and send the outcome to us. Your Success Manager will let you know the outcome as soon as it is received.
  5. When will I get the appeal outcome?
    The entire process takes about three weeks to finalise. We will keep you updated along the way and will let you know when your appeal is under review, and when an outcome has been reached.
  6. What happens if my appeal is granted?
    This will depend on the outcome you are requesting.
    If you have asked to submit outstanding assignments, you will be notified of the dates by which the assignments should be submitted. No late submissions are accepted under these circumstances.
    Once the assignments are submitted, they will be marked and a ‘change of results’ process will be initiated. This process is dependent on the University and can take up to one month to be finalised.
    If you have requested a review of your final result, the change of results process mentioned above will also be initiated and the same timeline will be applicable.

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