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Navigating the Discussion Forum (Filter & Sort)

Modified on: 2018-06-22 17:15:43 +0200

This article will show you how to navigate the Discussion Forum by using the filter and sort features.


You will find the Filter and Sort options when you open a Discussion Forum thread (shown in the screenshot below). You can use these options to navigate a long discussion forum thread and find the most important posts.


Click the filter drop-down list to view the option.

  • All posts (Default): This filter is the default filter and will show you all posts
  • Tutor replies: This filter will only show you replies from Head Tutors, Tutors, Head Learning Facilitators & Learning Facilitators



Click the sort drop-down list.

  • Oldest first (Default): This is the default sorting method and will sort replies in chronological order with the oldest reply at the top
  • Newest first: This sorting method will sort replies in reverse chronological order will the newest reply at the top
  • Trending replies: This sorting method order replies with the most engagement at the top
  • Most liked replies: This sorting method will order replies with the most likes at the top

Once you have chosen your filter and sort options. Click on to apply your selected option.

If you have any filtering or sorting options active, a button will appear. Clicking this will revert to the default viewing option.


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