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Searching the Discussion Forum

Modified on: 2018-06-22 11:10:15 +0200

This article will show you how to search on the Discussion Forum.

Follow these steps to search the Discussion Forum:

Step 1: You will find a search box in the Discussion Forum. You can use this to search the current Discussion Forum. You could type a participant's name, subject or word contained in a post and click "SEARCH"

Step 2: You will be presented with all results that match your search criteria

Step 3: If you need to refine your search even further, click on the "Advanced search" option. You will be taken the Advanced Search screen where you can specify more criteria and search all available Discussion Forums in the course.

Here are all the search criteria available when using Advanced Search:

  • These words can appear anywhere in the post
  • This exact phrase must appear in the post
  • These words should NOT be included
  • These words should appear as whole words
  • Posts must be newer than this
  • Posts must be older than this
  • Choose which forums to search
  • These words should be in the subject
  • This name should match the author

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