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General assignment questions

Modified on: 2017-11-16 15:06:21 +0200

Having trouble with submitting your assignments, or would like to know how to ensure that you have submitted your assignment correctly?

Below are our frequently asked questions regarding assignments and responses:-

Question 1: I did not receive a confirmation email regarding my assignment submission, how can I check if my assignment has been submitted?

Solution: You can confirm that you have submitted your assignment by returning to the submission page in the module.

Once the page has loaded you will be able to view your latest submission, under the “Submission status” section at the bottom of the page. If it is an Online activity submission the submission text will appear in the "Online text" section, if it is an Activity submission, the file you have submitted will appear in the "File submissions" section.

If there is no “File submissions” row or no "Online text", please attempt to resubmit your assignment. The submission status should state "No attempt".

Question 2: My assignment mark is not visible in my grade book, please help.

Solution: If your assignment mark is not visible, your assignment results have not been released.

You can refer to your course calendar to view which day your assignment results will be released.

You can also refer to your "General course announcements" in your "Course announcements and resources" block.

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