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The Different Types of Discussion Forums

Modified on: 2018-06-22 10:38:00 +0200

This following article will provide you with some important information about the various types of Discussion Forums you will come across throughout the duration of your course.

There are three types of Discussion Forums:

1. The Announcements Forum

The Announcements Forum is where you will receive all information and updates pertaining to your course. The information shared in this forum will come directly from your Success Manager. You are automatically subscribed to the Announcements Forum and will receive the updates via email. Please note that as this platform acts like a news forum, you are unable to reply to the posts created here.

2. General (class-wide/module) Discussion Forum

The Classwide Discussion Forums are (mostly) optional resources that can be used to engage with other students as well as your tutor. You can use this platform to learn more about your course or the content and pose any questions you may have.

3. Group Discussion ForumĀ 

The Small Group Discussion Forum is a space for students to have engaging discussions about a specific topic or project. These forums assist in the learning and knowledge sharing around the course material. This forum works in a very similar manner to the General Discussion Forum, except that students may only post and interact with the group they have been assigned to.

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