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Using VeriCite

Modified on: 2017-07-27 11:46:35 +0200

VeriCite is a plagiarism detection service, which you will be required to use to scan the content of your assignments before submitting them.

Step 1: Upload your completed activity by clicking "Add Submission" and then by dragging your document into the assignment submission box. Alternatively, click in the box and choose a file using the file picker.

Please note: A blue bar will appear to indicate the progress of the upload.

Step 2: Once your activity document has been successfully uploaded, a document icon will appear in the box. Click on "Save changes" to submit your activity for marking.

Once your document has been submitted it will reflect a similarity percentage as shown below.

Step 3: Click on the word “Similarity” and you will be provided with a detailed account of your work and the content that is considered as plagiarised will be highlighted. You will find a legend at the bottom of the page explaining what each colour means.

Important note:

Almost all work submitted through plagiarism detection software will indicate a positive similarity index (i.e. higher than zero). This is influenced by the content of the document you submit, for example, the assignment instructions will be the same for every student’s submission. To better understand why certain sections of your assignment are flagged as similar, visit the help article on the VeriCite website.

If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to email us on or if you prefer speaking to us, please call us on:

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