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How to upload your website using FileZilla

Modified on: 2017-07-27 11:39:56 +0200

Do you have a website that you need to upload to the internet?

Follow these easy steps to guide you through the process:

Step 1: Once you have opened FileZilla, fill in your FTP login details in the QuickConnect toolbar:

                Host: Your domain name (for

                Username: FTP username (for example: doPsjnrsk)

                Password: FTP Password (for example: d8sJisneoW@@3) 

N.B. Your FTP login details can be found in the mail (sent you by KonsolH) title: "KonsoleH Account Summary"

Step 2: Click the 'Quickconnect' button to initiate the FTP connection.


Step 3: Once connected you will see your local folders (your local computer) displayed in the left-hand pane while your public_html folder (the hosting server) will be displayed on the right.

Step 4: Make sure you have selected the public_html folder in the right-hand pane to ensure the data is transferred to your website successfully.

Step 5: Using the Local site menu in the left pane to navigate to the drive or folder containing your website content.

Step 6: In the pane below, select the specific folder containing your website contents.

Step 7: The selected folder will appear in the top pane while your website contents will appear in the pane below.

Step 8: Select one of the content files you wish to transfer to the host server.

Step 9: Select all the other files you wish to transfer while holding down on the control (ctrl) button on your keyboard until all the files have been highlighted.

Step 10: Right-click on the selected files then click Upload.

Step 11: Note the progress bar appearing in the bottom pane indicating the transfer progress.

Step 12: Use the scroll bar to search for your uploaded file under your public_html folder (In the right-hand pane).

Step 13: You have now successfully transferred data to your hosting server.

Step 14: Browse to your domain name in order to verify that the content was uploaded successfully.

Should it still not display correctly please check that you have uploaded your files correctly and that you included the index.html file

If you require further assistance please do not hesitate to email us on or if you prefer speaking to us, please call us on:

UK: +44 20 3670 1791
US: +1 617 861 4750
Global: +27 21 830 9200

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