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How to use the Notes pod

Modified on: 2017-07-27 11:15:25 +0200

Each Breakout Room contains a Notes pod for typing up your ideas

Step 1: Click inside the text area. A blinking cursor will appear.

Step 2: Type your answers below each question. You can add a new line by pressing <Enter> on your keyboard.

Step 3: Do not remove your text before being brought back to the main room or you will risk losing it.

Important Note: 

Only one person should type in the text area at a time. A notification will appear at the bottom of the text area when someone is typing, be conscious of this.

field to show who is typng


Nominate a coordinator upfront to make sure you stay on track and cover everything in the allocated time. 
Nominate a scribe to take notes on behalf of your group. Remember, only one person should type at a time.
Nominate a spokesperson
 who will speak on behalf of the group before returning to the main room.

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