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Wrong grades on Module 2

Dear Support Team,

Just received my grades on Module 2.

There is something wrong with the assessment quiz:

1. It is written i have 8 / 10, and my grade is 10% / 100%. Can you please explain?

2. I have marked the correct answer on Q2 and you have even written correct. But then my answer has been marked as wrong - and i have no points. Can you please correct that as well?

Looking forward to you support. 




Dear Support Team,

Below is also question 9 that has been marked as wrong. I would like to make an argument here that the answer should be True!  Reason being is that one of the main principles and most repeated concepts of this course has been how important is the location of a person (and the transactions being the other top element). Now with this in mind, location is indeed useful in understanding human behaviour. This is what the question asks. Can the quality be improved using various methodologies? Absolutely. But in my opinion this question is asked in such a way that tests the overall understanding of the usage of geolocation data, not what steps we are taking in the data management process and how we can improve data quality. 

Hope you agree!

Thank you!



Before analysis, location data – understood as latitude and longitude – is useful in understanding human behavior.

Select one:

True Incorrect



Incorrect. Although the data that we can get off of phones is rich in nature, it does not become useful until it is refined and analyzed. It is only after this point that the data can be used to attempt to understand human behavior.

The correct answer is 'False'.

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