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Update of Progress within a module of study

For the sections that include involvement in a discussion forum, once the participation has been completed in such, the progress on the topic should be marked as a complete and the progress overall of the module updated. However when it comes to these discussion forum activities, the topic is not marked completed even when participation has happened and the progress chart is not updated. How can this be addressed?

I am currently on the Finch course module 2 with issues on Discussion Forum and Unit 3, section 2.7

Hi Vanissa,

Thank you for your post.

It seems the Discussion forum activity was set so that once a student has either created or replied to 5 posts, it would then be marked off as complete.

However in regards to the progress bar, you will not lose any marks in the bar is not updated as it only serves as a source of guidance for students.

Yours in getting smarter.

Tech Support

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